Reasons why Fitness Professionals should stop telling their clients to "EARN their FOOD" through exercise.


Make a MENTAL NOTE!- If we want our participants to have a lifelong love of movement, we need to remove phrases such as “earning that taco” or “burn off that glass of wine from last night” from our classes.

One thing that keeps my language in check when teaching is:

“If you wouldn’t say it to a group of 7-10 year old girls, don’t say it to your group fitness class!”

Using exercise as a form of punishment, weight management tool and reason TO indulge in food or drink is confusing to our psyche. -

Imagine telling your child (who tends to have a joyful relationship with movement) to “play at the park for 30 more minutes so [they] can have that popsicle when they get home”

What that teaches the child is that movement is directly related to their food consumption and that its purpose is for indulgence only. 

Subconsciously, it teaches them to restrict their food intake on days that they don’t move AS much- (think sickness, vacation or rainy days)

The thought of “Earning” your food most likely create a negative mindset around exercise, rather than doing it because of ALL the wonderful benefits it has.

It is viewed as a means to an end, as a way to compensate FOR something else which tends to lead to a negative relationship with movement.

EXERCISE reduces anxiety, depression, improves social relationships, increases stamina and endurance- improves bowel movements, improves sleep and SELF esteem.

Consistent joyful movement AIDES in improved self esteem- so let’s re-examine how we as instructors SET the example for a lifelong love of MOVEMENT by implementing the above.


Made With Love Bakery

This is Callie Johnson- (I just met her today)

& this is her brand new bakery ❤️

I heard about this bakery from a dear friend @sparklepantsbox touting their butterscotch cookies- and it’s basically next door to where I teach class on Saturday mornings:

so ---

YOU put two and two together. 😉

The store opened on June 29th and that was about the same weekend I started following their social pages. 👩‍💻

Pictures of scones, pies & pop tarts looked absolutely scrumptious- and oddly enough each photo of one of their baked goods actually looked like it was-indeed-made with love! (haha!)


Her website says that the name is “and illustration of not only the intention [she] puts into every product made, but [her] desire that you would experience a sense of well being, care, and delight whenever you step into our bakery.” 🚶‍♂️

NOW, I’m going to remind you that I JUST met her today and asked her to take a random selfie with me so I could share about her store-

so THIS is what I observed upon entering:


A picture on the shelf of a young girl on a step stool in what looks to be her families kitchen-intently mixing ingredients in a bowl indicating to a stranger that the owner has dreamed about this shop since childhood.


Upon entering, Norah Jones’ music in the background was insinuating that I should slow down my thoughts and smell, be-and enjoy those around me. 👂

Pillows, benches, outside seating and stools catering to community-all with comforting colors reminding you that it’s not the end of the world if you happen to sit and chat with a stranger.


Callie knew the names of the 5 out of the 8 people that walked through the door. (the other three were new- and I listened to her ask their name so she could remember it the next time they came in)


The coffee and baked goods were amazing- 

but if you know me- you know that I like to look behind the obvious-


Kindness, community & a sense of belonging- 

that’s what I felt upon entering- and that’s how I know this dream of hers- 

is only just getting started. 👏

Location: 2023 Dean Ave. Spokane

Hours: Tues/Wed/Sat 7:30-2:00


Podcast Gold

I was listening to the @storybrand_ podcast yesterday and heard Donald Miller paraphrase a quote by Viktor Frankl -


Millers paraphrase: “Pretend this is the second time that you’ve lived your life, and don’t make the same mistakes”


Viktor Frankl: “So live as if you were living already for the second time and as if you had acted the first time as wrongly as you are about to act now!”


Wild to think about right?

In the podcast, Donald Miller (the creator of Story brand) interviews Adam Savage (Myth Busters) and he explains this AMAZING tactic he uses when he’s in an argument or “knows” he’s not going in the direction he ‘wants’ to…

He “steps back” out of his our mind almost and sees his life as a movie- a screen write if you will. 

He then Re-WRITES his character in his mind- 

He says to himself, “if they audience is seeing me now, I’m the villain and despised- 

HOW can I turn this around to redeem myself with the audience?”


In the example he gives, he says he is then able to say to his loved one- “I am sorry I said those things…etc- I was angry for other reasons and taking it out on you etc…and is able to ‘step outside of himself’ and see what an observer would see.


It was such a novel concept, I wanted to share. -

Anyone do something similar?


Positivities about exercise & Pregnancy

Question I’m often asked-

“Why should I try and get back into shape after giving birth if I’m planning on getting pregnant again here shortly?”

My answer...

I’m not going to get into how society spews it’s “get yo body back” fitness programs at us (days after giving birth) because you don’t have 10 hours to sit and listen to me ANGRY ROAR about how messed up this is- during one of the most vulnerable times in our lives--

BUT what I will tell you are REASONS BESIDES getting your “body back” of WHY you should continue with regular movement & exercise pre and during pregnancy and after birth (aside from specific Doctors orders during and for rest after...)

Giving birth is a VERY physical experience- (where improving strength and endurance can HELP with the process)

6 PHYSIOLOGICAL Reasons (ie. NOT ‘looks’ related) on WHY you should KEEP MOVING- during or in between pregnancies.

⬆️INCREASED aerobic capacity-meaning you don’t get breathless AS QUICKLY doing work/tasks. ⬆️INCREASED circulation- Blood has to move to every crevice and cell in your body and the more efficiently it does that-the better. ⬆️INCREASED digestion and ELIMINATION (elimination is a kind word for saying “it’ll be easier for you to POOP!”

Increased ENERGY and ENDURANCE (if you’re running after a baby/toddler now- this could really help!) ✅More restful sleep (who doesn’t want this?) And...a ⬇️decreased chance of having intervention (forceps, vacuum etc) this doesn’t mean that you WON’T have an intervention- but the chances of it...decrease. 

Next post will be on MUSCULOSKELETAL benefits

I know you’re SUPER pumped- but reminding yourself that your body is an INSTRUMENT not and ORNAMENT ( thanks @beautyredefined ) helps us change our approach to fitness and movement so that it lasts a lifetime.


How to get the Perfect BeachBody…

...become the beach!

Welcome to summer-

where the ideal beach body image is thrown in our faces more than pies in a 1993 episode of Double Dare.

Since I’m not normal- and making people laugh is the fuel that keeps me going-

I decided to use my creativity to construct the ideal beach body the only way I know how.

I didn’t have sand nearby, so I couldn’t glue sand to my face (If you think I wouldn’t do that- you obviously don’t know me)

A seasonal reminder that WE (as well as OTHER people at the beach) 

are SO much MORE than the bodies we inhabit. 

We are caring, kind, get angry at things- 

are smart, creative and laugh so hard we pee ourselves. -

This can be purchased on my Etsy shop for the low price of $9.43 (free shipping, cause it’s a cardboard box in and of itself.)

#funny #morethanabody #ie