Ways to measure Progress

There are so many ways to measure progress other than the number on the scale. •

I name some of them on the photo and I’ll further explain them here-

Decreasing your heart rate (number of times your heart beats per minute) over a period of time is a great indicator. This means that your heart isn’t “working as hard’ to pump out the same amount of blood- Blood pressure is another good indicator (as long as you are not on blood pressure medication) •

Movement and knowing when to rest (and actually doing it) are key to strengthening the “self awareness” piece that needs to be present.

Before I go into the explanation of each of these, know that NOT ONE of these is ‘the best’ indicator- but a lot of these are better indicators (other options) than the scale to ‘observe’ progress with increasing movement in your life.

If I do not yell at the person in front of me who cut me off during rush hour, then I’m doing pretty good in the “patience” department in life- if I want to take all the crumbs in my car and rub it in their face, that’s a pretty good indicator ‘something’ is off. •

“Time btw/ rest breaks” is one I bring up often with my clients- maybe one day they need 30-45 seconds, and the next month they progress to needing only 15sec. (now this can vary from day to day, but it’s another option to add to the mix)

On a scale of 1-10, you were to measure your ‘difficulty’ of walking up a flight of stairs---and then a month later, that number decreases- that’s another great indicator to you that your movement game is going well. •

And of course, I had to bring this one and round it into mental health (which is a HUGE) part of health, SETTING boundaries- If you are able to set clear boundaries with friends, co-workers and loved ones, you are doing pretty darn well!

Hope this helped with some other ways to measure improved health!


House is not pinterest worthy.

I’ve never been the decorating type- so naturally, when I would walk into (or see someones’) home in a picture, I would think, “oh that’s SO wonderful- I wish I had nice stuff like this (or I wish I could decorate like this) or I wish...Insert some random complaint of why I felt ‘bad’ about what I have. -

Before I go into my thoughts on this, I want to start out by saying to anyone that DOES have a well decorated home- I think that is awesome- and DOUBLE awesome if that’s what you LOVE to do!


Some people LOVE decorating- and some people don’t- and we are different, and have different tastes in things/hobbies and that’s okay!


Moreso in the last year, I have been into getting curious about my strengths (as well as thinking about things I may not enjoy) and leaning into and appreciating things that I love to do. -

Things that I love- include: playing ‘tunnel’ with my kid, building my business, painting, connecting with people, reading, teasing my husband, jumping around, cooking meals etc. 

Things I don’t like: Decorating, going through my emails, the fuzz of peaches, when people think I’m being dishonest etc


So, I’m leaning into things that I LIKE moreso than things I DISLIKE. 

Writing about this also came to mind when I read things about society's pressures and all the things that we are ‘supposed’ to keep up with as mothers these days... one of them being the elusive (for me) “keep a pinterest worthy home” 

So here is my truth, I’m saying NO. I’m NOT going to. -

I like it- It’s warm, comfy and it functions and it’s randomly colorful and you might find toilet paper rolls in between the couches and that’s okay (even more so okay if you need to blow your nose) 🤧

What about you? Do you like decorating? No? What’s your favorite part?


Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday:

•I’m all about the other types of transformations that regular movement and exercise has on our lives-

And here’s one that I find is insanely valuable.

Movement brings increased mental clarity!

When the overwhelmed thinking set in, when my plate is overflowing, when I feel stressed-

A walk outside can do wonders to put my mind at ease.

When the feelings of “I’m not doing enough as a citizen, wife, friend, mother -HUMAN “ comes into the forefront of my brain,

Running around the playground and chasing my meatball helps a ton.

Movement can be done differently by EVERYONE-

Dancing, lifting, spinning, synchronized swimming, the cha cha, jumping jacks in the middle of time square-

Movement helps me focus on what I am capable RIGHT now- at this moment-and helps ease the chatter going on in my head.

Do you find that your mind is more clear after you’ve moved/danced/walked?


When she asks if she is Pretty..

@beauty_redefined is one of my favorite IG accounts and this post is one that made the hairs on my arms stand up.

For years, I longed to be called beautiful or pretty- never adding up how many times people called me “joyful” or “inspirational”

I just wanted to hear it from a random passerby-

My mom and my dad were cool and all- but I knew they were a little biased with their opinion.

You are going to get 4 thousand messages from other people in the next hour, day and month-

…and someone assuring you that you are beautiful no matter what-may be one of them.

“Look in the mirror-” they say “and TELL yourself that you are beautiful”

I’d be pinocchio if I told you that I’d never done that before- but now there’s something different in me, something that is telling me that it’s OKAY not to want to be beautiful. It’s okay to wear clogs with a paint stain and a cut off t shirt from high school, b/c that is what I truly WANT to do-Its okay to want to work on Courage, Empathy and Tenacity more than my wardrobe-

If you WANT to wear red lipstick- GO TO TOWN.

BUT-If you are wearing it for the deep yearning of others’ to accept you- then that’s a deeper void that can’t be polished with satin gloss.

I am not DISSING the term beautiful, or beauty, It’s a descriptor that is used daily, but I challenge myself to find other descriptors to YEARN to be defined BY. When people write me and tell me “you made me laugh today, and I was feeling sad-”
THAT- that means the WORLD to me. Thank you for hanging out with me, for encouraging me and for sticking around even though I wear clogs from 1989.


There will be more crackers.

Once, my client texted me that she ate a whole box of crackers & was worried that she had taken “steps backwards” in her fitness routine.

I knew she was dealing with some tough stuff at the moment, so I wrote her a lengthy email assuring her the COMPLETE opposite.

“Dear friend, you did NOT take two steps backwards- quite the opposite actually. 

What you're going through right now is grief, pain and sadness.

I'm assuming that you will be living for like 70 more years…

so there will be more sadness, 

there will be more anger and 


but this time it's different

b/c you are stepping back and NOT viewing it as sabotage, or "taking backwards steps'

you are NOW viewing all interactions with food as nourishment, as stepping stones-and yes, sometimes as emotional fulfillments.

The pain was too much-

it was too deep at the moment. 

will you have to sit with that pain at some point and cry or punch pillows? 

to keep living…


BUT at the same time, you will also be so overcome with taking care of your spouse, your child and stress of life that you will EAT WITHOUT thinking-

and that is OKAY. -

I want you to connect that the crackers provided something for you during a time that you were feeling lots of pain and say "hey thanks crackers- that was pretty legit of you" 

And then move on, leave judgement OF the food for the birds.

This is where MY shift with my relationship with food began- 

when I started practicing NON judgement WITH food.

I want you to know that this is life- 

and there is NO food that will "get you off track"---

Love you forever and always, 

XOXO, Jamie (that may or MAY NOT BE how I sign all my emails)